Conditions of Use

By accessing this web server, or any AuroraWatch UK webpages, data, or otherwise, you agree to these conditions of use. If you do not agree please disconnect from this site now.

Data and alerts not for commercial use

The data from which we generate our alerts and activity status does not allow for commercial use. Therefore commercial (i.e., for profit) use of the alert status and activity plots is prohibited.


For security purposes we log details of connections to this web server, including computer hostname/IP address, and type of web browser. For privacy issues please see our privacy policy.

Spiders and Other Web Robots

We are willing to allow spiders and other web robots to crawl our web site, provided that they observe the Robots Exclusion Protocol. In addition we expect that they:

  • Are not used for the harvesting of email addresses or other personal details.
  • Identify themselves by supplying a meaningful user-agent name.
  • Provide a method by which any problems can be reported (i.e., an email or web address in the user-agent string).
  • Operate from an address for which reverse DNS lookups are enabled, so that it is possible to confirm the name of the robot operator.

We reserve the right to block robots which do not follow these conditions of use.

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