Is the number of alerts issued limited?

Is the number of alert issued by AW UK ever limited?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that sometimes the alert level is elevated but we haven’t issued an alert recently? Wondered why?

Well the simple answer is that we restrict the number of alerts issued, so that we’re not spamming you every hour. We have a couple of simple rules which determine when we will issue an alert:

  • Each alert method has its own cool-off period. For Twitter, Facebook and Telegram the period is 6 hours; apps may have their own cool-off periods.
  • If the alert level increases (e.g. from green to yellow), and it is the first time it has reached this level within the cool-off period, we will issue an alert.
  • We will then not issue another alert until the cool-off period has expired, unless the alert level increases again. Even if activity has dropped in the meantime (e.g. yellow → green → yellow) a new alert will not be issued.
  • After each alert the cool-off timer is reset.

The maximum number of alerts we will normally ever issue within the cool-off period is three: one yellow, one amber, and one red.

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