Privacy policy

We recognise the importance of protecting your privacy. We collect only the minimum details necessary to provide you with the AuroraWatch UK service.

Email addresses

Email addresses subscribed to our email alerts will be kept private and will not be shared or sold. Emails are sent only to notify subscribers of:

  • times when aurora is likely to be visible from the UK,
  • major changes and improvements to the service.

To prevent malicious subscriptions all requests must be confirmed; we will not manually subscribe email addresses. If you wish to unsubscribe from our email alerts please use the automated service. If you are having difficulty unsubscribing please contact us.

Providing your email address is completely optional. You can also receive alerts through other means which do not require you to provide us with your email address.

Web logs

For security purposes we log details of connections to our web servers. These details include IP address, time and date, page requested, type of web browser, and referring page. This information is used to manage the service (e.g., detect bad links and missing pages) and to investigate any misuse of the service.

Your location

When using our aurora map you have the option to show your location. If you chose to do so, your browser will display your approximate location on the map. This information is retained within the browser and is not reported back to AuroraWatch UK.

Third party websites

Contained in our webpages are links to external (or “third party”) websites. We do not have any control over these sites, including what is displayed on them or how they may use any data about your visit. If you find that we have linked to a site that concerns you, please contact us.

Cookies and local data storage

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer which are sent to a web site. Our web servers do not use cookies but some of the services loaded by our pages may use them. For more information please see jQuery, Google, and Cloudfare.

Local data storage is similar to cookies but the data remains stored on your computer. We use this feature so that your browser can remember which messages you have read and other related settings. The saved information remains on your computer and is not transmitted back to AuroraWatch UK.

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